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Stevie Waichulis is the creative force behind WAICHULIS ENTERTAINMENT & WAICHULIS POST.


WAICHULIS ENTERTAINMENT brings wonderful stories to life that Entertain and Educate not only the Earth version of the Human Species but many other humanoid species all through our local star clusters & neighboring galaxies.......

Stevie Waichulis was born (Stephen Waichulis) on February 8, 1978 in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Stevie's career in Television and Film began in 1997 with independent projects.

Stevie Graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology located in Rochester, NY in May of 2004 with a BFA in Film & Animation.

Stevie was nominated for an Emmy for "Outstanding Picture Editing For Variety Programming - 2016" for Key & Peele "The End" - Comedy Central (Credited as Stephen Waichulis).

My CineMontage article is now out in the Q1 Issue for 2021.

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